| 2016 | Silk Way Rally

Technical and administrative scrutineering at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex in Moscou.
While the sky is threatening in Moscou, the 2WD TWO WHEEL DRIVE TEAM is ready for this brand new adventure at the start line of the SILK WAY RALLY 2016.
After completing the administrative and technical scrutineering at the Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Eric Mozas and Rafael Tornabell brought the buggy SMG 2WD to the parc fermé located at the Red Square.
Last year, Eric Mozas finished second of the 2015 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies – T3 and this year, the former owner of a distribution group takes on a new challenge acquiring SMG and putting together a structure with VIP rental service for gentlemen drivers.

“Discovering the world of cross country rally, explains Eric Mozas, 2WD President, I understood that there is a true market for location of performing vehicles with a VIP assistance and services. The gentleman driver that would like to race with us will have the possibility to have everything he wishes for his comfort or to take his family, customers or friends with him.
To prepare the SMG 2WD buggy, we have completed tests in Morocco and then, we have entered the Silk Way Rally to give miles to the structure, gain experience and analyze all parameters, mechanical and technical, during the race. Results of this race are not the most important, we are here to test it and to arrive to Beijing, of course.”

To accompany the SMG 2WD buggy, the team includes five technicians, a logistics and communication manager, two T5 (one Actros and a Sprinter), a T4 truck in the race and a motorhome.
This afternoon, crew #135 2WD will take the start of the race at the Red Square, the beginning of a 10,000 kilometers race crossing Russia, Kazakhstan and China to arrive to the finish line in Beijing.

15 legs, 10,734.89 km, 4,105.05 km of selective section
09/07 Leg 1: Moscow-Kazan «Road to Tatarstan» 853.35 km
17.30 – 23.00: Podium followed by Prologue
10/07 Leg 2: Kazan – Ufa «Bachkirie’s track» 622.17 km

11/07 Leg 3: Ufa – Kostanay «Towards Kostanay Oblast» 815.15 km
12/07 Leg 4: Kostanay – Astana «Akmola’s track» 855.69 km
13/07 Leg 5: Astana – Balkhash «The seven rivers’ lake» 821.10 km
14/07 Leg 6: Balkhash – Almaty «In between two lakes» 855.88 km
15/07 Rest day at Almaty

16/07 Leg 7: Almaty – Bortala «The big mountains» 581.57 km
17/07 Leg 8: Bortala – Urumqi «The beautiful meadow» 905.35 km
18/07 Leg 9: Urumqi – Hami «The golden dunes» 719.55 km
19/07 Leg 10: Hami – Dunhuang «The track to caves» 484.33 km
20/07 Leg 11: Dunhuang – Jiayuguan «The thousand lakes track» 561.11 km
21/07 Leg 12: Jiayuguan – Alashan «Big desert» 666.92 km
22/07 Leg 13: Alashan – Wuhai «Road of mines» 724.89 km
23/07 Leg 14: Wuhai – Hohhot «The right bearing…» 755.42 km
24/07 Leg 15: Hohhot – Beijing «The Great Wall» 507.68 km
14.00 – 18.00 Prize Giving Podium Ceremony in Beijing