| 2016 | Africa Race

The reunion between the President of 2WD Eric Mozas, and Thierry Magnaldi was unexpected and trust was immediately established. Eric Mozas had a buggy to be claimed and Thierry Magnaldi was free. The decision that followed was natural and its result: A team that is 100% French will take the start of the Africa Race on 31 December!

Thierry Magnaldi has been waiting for ten years, ten long years, to deploy his talents as a driver in a car that has potential to win a race. His last performance at this level was driving a Buggy Schlesser in the Dakar 2006, but despite everything that happened, Thierry never lost hope of finding “that” competitive car. It is with the mental of a winner that Magnaldi takes on the cross-country rally and Africa.

“I found a second youth,” says Magnaldi, visibly happy. “I would like to thank Eric Mozas for entrusting me his buggy SMG 2WD and I will do my best to not disappoint him. Physically, I am still in shape, as when I was riding a motorcycle, because I do sports all year long: enduro, cycling, running … And when the period of the big races starts, I always make an extra effort hoping to find a steering wheel. This time, my physical preparation will serve! ”

On Monday, the 2WD team met up at the workshop located in Boz. “I know the buggy SMG 2WD, continues Thierry, it’s a great car that has everything to get on the podium: it was built by Philippe Gache, developed by Carlos Sainz and modified by an experienced team in Cross-Country Rallies. ”

To complete this dream team, Thierry Magnaldi will be accompanied by his inseparable co-driver: François Borsotto. “François is, above all, and a great quality co-driver. We always drove together and I totally trust him. We will do our utmost to race at the Africa Race, taking the race day after day and calculating our strategy to honor the trust that the 2WD team has placed in us. We know Africa very well for having traveled by motorcycle and car for years. It is a true return to our roots for us, in every sense of the word! ”

For Eric Mozas, 2WD President, the decision was simple: “My intention was to roll the buggy to demonstrate its potential to our future customers. Thierry Magnaldi has a great experience in two-wheel drive and Africa, so it was obvious that he was in the best position to promote the car and get a podium …

I met Jean-Louis Schlesser in Morocco and we had a good time, it is a great expert in two-wheel drive that organizes a very beautiful race. The format and terrain of the Africa Race are promising to the buggy and, after the Silk Way Rally and the Polish Baja, it will be a great adventure for a team and a for a buggy that is 100% French! ”

A test is scheduled for December at Le Creusot. Journalists wishing to attend are kindly invited to contact

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