| 2018 | Year

Several stage victories with Cyril Després and Eugenio Amos, 4th place overall for Amos at SWR 2017, 4th place overall for Després at Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2018… The Buggy 2WD has long proven itself and no longer needs to be presented in the Cross-Country Rally world.

Except that, recently, its version 2.0 was born, the same Buggy, just as reliable but improved to offer the crew better performance and more comfort.

In short and without going into details, the New 2WD is equipped with:

•BOS shock absorbers new technology
•Brakes with larger discs and new calipers to optimise braking.
•Air conditioning for comfort and to allow the crew to keep a better concentration.
•Improved engine management with MOTEC (Powerbox, PDM, programmable keypad etc.)

Both 2WD Buggies are for hire for the 2018 Morocco Rally in October, the 2019 Dakar in Peru or on the Africa Race.

For further information please contact:
Eric Mozas : contact@ericmozas.com