| 2017 | Silk Way Rally

Saturday July 22, 2017
Stage 14: Zhongwei – Xian
Road connection: 27.87 km – Special stage: 100.67 km – Road connection: 588.02 km – Total: 716.56 km
After 10,00 km, from Moscow (Russia) to Xian (China), the 2WD Buggy closes the race in the 4th place overall! This morning, a selective section of 100 km was the last racing portion. However, the rain came again creating some troubles and a storm last night caused the organizer to make the decision of cancelling the last selective section.
Disappointed, because he would have liked to run and win the last special, Eugenio Amos is very happy with his result and the race.
“I am very happy to be 4th, I would have never dreamed of this result. I thought that I was going to make mistakes, break the buggy, that I took a plane ticket for tonight because I thought there nothing to celebrate. I would never do that again because now I know that I can manage to get to the finish of a very difficult race. I learned lots during the last two weeks of intense racing. I made it to the finish line without damaging the 2WD Buggy, I could attack when I felt it and to stay calm when in risk. This is a great satisfaction because after several days of frustration with the RZR, I discover my potential with the 2WD Buggy that is a fantastic car with which, for the first time in my career, I recorded a stage victory.
Sebastien Delaunay makes an excellent work, he was the best of the co-drivers, always calm and he never got lost!
The 2WD team has delivered an excellent job. At the beginning of the race, they were obligated to clean the buggy for more than an hour and they worked on it every night because we arrived late. They have the passion and are a great technical and human support.
Now that I start to know better the 2WD Buggy, I feel like going to Morocco…”
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