| 2017 | Italian Baja
The 2WD Buggy in the mud and the dust!

Super Special “Memorial Azzaretti” of 19.3 km at Pordenone, Italy

This morning at 9 am, competitors of the 6th round of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup attended the mandatory briefing before the shake down to finalize the last adjustments.

In the afternoon, Eugenio Amos and Francois Borsotto went to start of the Super Special of almost 20 km. The 2WD crew wears number 16 but, due to the results of Amos in Abu Dhabi, the Italian driver takes the 11th position after the priority drivers. Despite of the covered sky, the hot weather is still there at this Baja… and so are the mud and the dust!

“This morning, during the shake down, explains Eugenio, whose first cross country rally race was in 2015, we started in the riverbank where there was water, but not anymore this afternoon! For the Super Special, we went straight to the mud! We could not see and I had to keep going fast to avoid giving up too much distance. Then, we were driving in the dust and we could not do anything… Bot well, it was only 20 km, the race starts tomorrow. The 2WD Buggy works well and everything is going well with Francois too”

For Francois Borsotto, his last race was the Africa Race on the 2WD Buggy with Thierry Magnaldi, this SS was a nightmare. “It was horrible, says the French. The organizer let the first 9 cars go and the we had to wait for 20 minutes for them to water and then, 500 m after the start, we were all wet. The buggy was covered and so was the road book and we could not see anything. Then, we were in the dust of the competitors in front of us and we lost lots of time….”

Despite the bad conditions, the 2WD team closed the day in the 16th place.

Tomorrow will be a better day with a special stage of three loops of 91.08 km

Follow the 2WD crew Amos/Borsotto #16 at http://timing.sporttraxx.com/races/itbaja-2017/#results/1