| 2016 | Silk Way Rally

Stage 6: Balkhash – Almaty
Road connection: 321.1 – Special Stage: 411.35 km – Road connection: 855.88 km

Eric Mozas and Rafael Tornabell – crew #135 2WD – left the bivouac at Balkhash at 7:20 am to take a road connection of 320 km prior to start today’s special stage, which was separated in two sections by a 69 km road liaison. While competitors were racing, an unexpected wind occurred over Balkhash, and the airplanes were no longer allowed to take off. The storm moved towards Almaty causing the organizer to stop the race to ensure safety for its competitors, while they were completing 111 km of the special stage.
In Almaty, Kazakhstan capital city, the sky is threatening, and the rain made its way back.

ERIC MOZAS/RAFAEL TORNABELL #135 2WD – 35th of the special stage in 1h28’00 – 28th overall, provisional classification in 123h17’52: “The selective section today was mainly composed of sand tracks, it was quite fun to drive even though these were rough, with holes. With that said, the buggy is doing well and feels very comfortable on this sort of tracks. Today, I took the sand stage with the SMG 2WD buggy and these tracks were perfect to understand the driving requirements of a machine that makes me very happy due to its comfort and maneuverability.”
Tomorrow, the Silk Way Rally will have its well-deserved rest day… except for mechanics, who will work all day making cars as new.