| 2017 | Oilibya Maroc
Oilibya Rally of Morocco 
Tuesday 10th of October : Finish of the Rally and Price Giving 
SS 5A – 43,91 road section – 179,5 km SS
SS 5B – 8,65 km SS
The Oilibya Rally of Morocco ends with a result that does not really reflect the race of Eugenio Amos navigated by Sébastien Delaunay and the Buggy 2WD. Indeed, if the 2WD crew finish in 16th position in 14h03’38, we will remember their very nice 3rd place in the second truncated stage and especially their 4th place at 4 ‘Al Attyah … For Eugenio Amos , this special will be marked with a white stone in his memories. “I did not take risks in this special stage,” said the young Italian, “I did not think we would be so close to the first but coming down from the Buggy 2WD, I asked Sebastien if he had an idea from where I lost the 4 minutes … “
Today, the 2WD crew finishes 8th in 1h50’26. “We arrived in the dunes around noon,” explains Eugenio, “the light was white and it was difficult to see the crests of the dunes … The rest were fast tracks, with jumps, and I like it, is really my favorite ground.
With each race, I feel a more comfortable driving the Buggy 2WD which is really a surprising, high-performance and reliable machine. I learned to brake with my left foot and I drive “clean” without putting the buggy across. Every night, I try to bring it back in good condition because I have a lot of respect for the car but also for the technical team that really works with passion.
With Seb and Team 2WD, we race 13000 km in two races and always in harmony … It is precious. “